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Russia, China, Crimea, Xinjiang and Putin’s Risky Gambit

Crossposted at Slugger O’Toole with a few amendments of no particular significance to improve the readability… A friend on Facebook led me to this Ambrose Evans-Pritchard article in the Telegraph on the possible impact of Putin’s Crimea gambit on Sino-Russian … Continue reading

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No Simple Answers for Christians in Politics

I’ve enjoyed the series of posts hosted by Gillan on God and Politics UK, where guest bloggers associated with the three main GB political parties, as well as the Greens and UKIP, say they support their particular party from a … Continue reading

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Anna Lo, and the Myth that Northern Ireland Politics is about the Border

Cross-posted at Slugger O’Toole… I very much doubt Anna Lo’s Irish News interview was in the Alliance Party’s 2014 elections gameplan. While almost all members of the party will remain loyal to her in public, I have equally little doubt … Continue reading

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What if Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 is in Malaysia – or its wreckage is?

There is much idle speculation on the internet about the possible fate of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, and much as I’ve shared the grotesque fascination of so many others with the incident, I have found the thought of adding to … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Tony Benn

Tony Benn was a lovely guy. I once got chatting to him on the Circle Line going home from work: I got on at St. James’ Park and said “Hey, you’re Tony Benn!”, and we chatted until he got off … Continue reading

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