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A Journey of the Mind to Ancient Antioch

A reflection on Acts 11:19-26 for Diocese of Salisbury staff prayers. Try to imagine the world of Antioch as the refugee disciples in our reading would have known it. Antioch was the third largest city of the contemporary Empire, after … Continue reading

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Praying for Ian Paisley’s Soul

Crossposted to Slugger O’Toole… I have prayed for the happy repose of the soul of Ian Paisley. Initially almost to make him turn in his grave, but then with sincerity. The Book of Common Prayer says that Christ died as … Continue reading

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Jesus Went to Birmingham. Did the People Let Him Die?

Every Eucharistic service, in whatever Christian tradition, is a recreation of the Last Supper. I’m at a work conference in Birmingham at the moment, staying in a hotel bang opposite the Cathedral, so I joined the 8 a.m. congregation there … Continue reading

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Two Ceasefires and A Coming Out: A Memoir

Cross-posted at Slugger O’Toole… I’ve been thinking about coming out. There have been a few horror stories doing the rounds recently: Vicky Beeching’s harrowing life and those of Lyra McKee’s friends. It’s made me think about how it was for me, all those … Continue reading

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