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BBC News Report – Good Friday Agreement Referendum Results

BBC News report from referendum results day 1998. A very youthful me briefly appears in in the background 34 seconds in. Paisley being a bad tempered bad loser in denial is particularly choice. Advertisements

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In response to Owen Jones: In Defence of the Establishment of the Church of England

Owen Jones’ appeal for the separation of church and state showed a deep respect for Christianity in general and the Church of England in particular. But he failed to explain how and why disestablishment would be an improvement. Throughout the … Continue reading

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No Simple Answers for Christians in Politics

I’ve enjoyed the series of posts hosted by Gillan on God and Politics UK, where guest bloggers associated with the three main GB political parties, as well as the Greens and UKIP, say they support their particular party from a … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Tony Benn

Tony Benn was a lovely guy. I once got chatting to him on the Circle Line going home from work: I got on at St. James’ Park and said “Hey, you’re Tony Benn!”, and we chatted until he got off … Continue reading

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UKIP’s voters – older, more male and more working class. But especially older.

Cross-posted at Slugger O’Toole… YouGov have produced a wonderful composite of all their February 2013 polling to try and give a realistic picture of which bits of the electorate are behind UKIP’s polling surge into double figures , a trend … Continue reading

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Eastleigh: Bad for Tories, Better for LDs, Best for UKIP

Cross-posted to Slugger O’Toole… So the LibDems held on to Eastleigh by a narrow majority of 1,771 or just 4.3%, with UKIP surging into second place. Alex Massie in the Speccie warns against overanalysing by-elections, while Martin Kettle argued last … Continue reading

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Steven Agnew cleans Arlene Foster’s clock on gay marriage…

Well done to Green Party MLA Steven Agnew for setting DUP Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster straight that civil partnerships are NOT equal to marriage and that all religious symbolism or language in civil partnership ceremonies in the UK is banned … Continue reading

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